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Me diving

Sunday, January 10, 2016


The blog is terribly out of date, but I wanted to post a quick video that I took last weekend of some dolphins riding the bow wake of the Rubber Ducky, just to prove that I'm still alive and in/on the water :)  We were out looking for whales, and while they remained mostly elusive (one spout seen in the distance), the dolphins were quite playful.  They were being complete chatterboxes too; I swear they were more vocal than they usually are.  Rob and Jim were taking pictures for a while, with me driving, but eventually I just couldn't stand it anymore, and had to hang off the side of the boat to get some video, so Rob took over the driving.  It was a pretty chilly day for hanging off the side of the boat with my arm in the water!  But it's always fun to hang off the bow watching the dolphins jumping just inches away.