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Friday, March 23, 2007

Cool Travel Toy

After reading about it on Scubaboard, I ordered this cool little digital luggage scale. You hang your luggage on it, it beeps when it's done taking the reading, then you can put the luggage down and read the stored weight. So you don't have to get the reading while you are holding your potentially heavy luggage off the ground. I got it so that we could weigh our dive gear-laden luggage, since that can easily put you over the 50 lb limit (especially if it's a little damp on the way home). I got it in just a few days, and it is quite easy to use.

I tried it out on Pepper. I hung a bag from it and put her in the bag. (The cats love climbing into bags, so this really isn't as mean as it sounds.) It said she weighs 10.7 pounds (whereas the vet said 10.1 pounds just a couple weeks ago). But I think she was squirming a bit, which could account for the extra weight. Anyhoo, that's probably accurate enough for luggage weighing purposes.

Wow, I'm so excited that I managed to have a post that's about both diving (or dive travel anyway) AND cats.


platypus rex said...

You should put Pepper in a tub of wawa and then weigh her, so you can estimate how much more your scuba gear might weigh when it is wet.

coolfash said...

This would have served me well during my preparation for the move to France.

I weighed my luggage endlessly (read: pain) trying to have it stay within flight limits.