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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 5: Conception Island

We moved to a site called Chutes and Ladders this morning. Rob didn't even know that that is the name of a kids board game! How uncultured can you get? Well, maybe it is a girly game, I only ever remember playing it with Adrienne. Anyhoo, on the first dive, we saw a turtle (he was sporting tags), and a couple of blue and midnight parrotfish (never seen midnights before). On the second dive, we saw 3 turtles (none with tags, so different from the first guy). The first one was swimming up to the surface and we saw his silhouette. The second two hung out with us for a while, and one even posed for pictures (he was totally like... "make sure you get my good side, Bob"). We also saw a school of midnight parrotfish, at least 3 flamingo tongues, and some huge beautiful black sea fans on the wall. And a pair of groupers that were maybe mating. They were definitely pretty cozy together.

After lunch, we moved to Wedge Point, where we saw a queen triggerfish, a diamond blenny (the fish of the day), and some peppermint basslets. The plan was to sit out dive 4 so I could do the night dive. Rob went on dive 4 with Rob the DM. They saw 3 lionfish(!) and a lettuce sea slug. I was a little sad I missed the lettuce sea slug... we saw them in Bonaire and I was expecting to see them in the Bahamas, but I didn't. But Rob got a nice picture. My ears were bothering me a lot, so we ended up skipping the night dive anyway. Because I didn't want to miss tomorrow's dives!