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Monday, December 10, 2007

Gift Ideas for the Monterey Diver

Since I didn't get to write a dive report this week, and I have a blog quota to fill, I thought I'd entertain myself with a list of Festivus gift ideas for the Monterey (or other cold water) diver. So, here goes. Feel free to add a comment with any other ideas that you have :)

Exposure Protection:
- Otter Bay 12mm hood ~$75
- Diving Concepts Thinsulate vest ~$110
- Argon setup ~$200
- Dry glove system ~125 (Elissa's idea... I don't wear dry gloves)
- Deep Sea Dry Comfort Glove ~$40 (my glove of choice)

- Eastern Pacific Nudibranchs
- Guide to Marine Invertebrates: Alaska to Baja California
- Pacific Coast Pelagic Invertebrates: A Guide to the Common Gelatinous Animals
- Pacific Coast Inshore Fishes
- A Living Bay: The Underwater World of Monterey Bay

- Husky X-Workhorse Table (aka Dive Table)
- Folding Hand Truck
- Bolt snap variety pack (Rob's favorite birthday present)
- Coffee/soup Thermos for those cold surface intervals (Don's idea)
- Float (8" or 12") for stage bottles, scooters, cameras, etc.

- Membership at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
- California State Parks Pass (aka Lobos Pass)
- "Gift certificate" for a day on the Escapade or Cypress Sea (I don't think they technically have gift certificates, but you get the idea)

Luxury Gifts (for if you really love your wife...):
- Salvo 21W HID can light
- X-Scooter
- a backup drysuit

Stocking Stuffers:
- Singleton bolt snaps
- Fill card for your favorite dive shop
- P valve catheters :)
- Aqua Seal
- KY jelly (for my neck seal, I swear)
- DVDs (Discover California Diving, 5thD-x Intro to Tech, etc.) (Ben's idea)

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Don said...

Great list!

Don't forget a FUE shirt :)