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Friday, November 6, 2009

La Dania's Leap (Bonaire Day 7)

On Friday morning, we met Benji and headed to La Dania's leap. There is a bit of a hike to the water, though the path was more civilized than I expected. I like to think I could have hiked my gear to the water myself :) We walked to the water with our bottles, checked out the site, and then went back for our doubles. Getting into my doubles and into the water was a tiny bit scary, because I was afraid of falling into the water while I donned them. Once we were in the water, Benji handed down our bottles and Rob's camera (using his belt to pass stuff down). The "cliff" really isn't that high, but high enough that you can't just hand a bottle down. Benji gave us a briefing on what was where. There were three little "caves" which were really just little nooks under overhangs in the 120' to 160' range, all on the drift to Karpata.

A lot of the sites seems to just peter out once you get deep enough, but here there was still stuff to see deeper. The nooks were neat, with lots of stuff growing on and hanging down from the the overhangs. It was also fun to drift from one entry to another. We stopped at each of the nooks and I posed for some pictures. After we found the last one, we started to head up the reef for our deco. Benji gave us some advice on how to tell when we were approaching Karpata. He also told us that there are sometimes young turtles around at Karpata, so keep an eye out for them. We did in fact see several small turtles, about the size of dinner plates. They were really cute. If I had known this about Karpata, I totally would have dived the site before! I was glad that we got to see that as part of our last dive for the trip.

I was a bit skeptical about the idea to dive doubles for the whole trip. We even schlepped single tank wings with us because I was sure I wasn't going to want to dive doubles the whole trip. It was only because of the way the dates worked out for when we dove the Windjammer that I didn't reconfigure my regs and switch halfway through the week. But in the end, I liked it. It was nice to do just two or three long dives per day. I think that for the amount of bottom time we did, this way was way less tiring than diving single tanks, even though its obviously more tiring for a single dive (to get in and out in doubles versus a single tank). Plus you just have a lot more flexibility in how your arrange your dives that way. I guess Rob was right ;)

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