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Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Diving on MLK Day

We had plans to dive off of Phil's RIB on Monday, since we all had the day off. Despite the storm, we were holding out hope that we could get some protection around E3. We pulled into Lobos, with warnings that we probably wouldn't dive. When we got down to the parking lot, there was pouring rain and gusty wind. Not to mention the whitecaps in Whaler's Cove. We didn't even want to get out of the car, it was so ugly out. We pulled up next to Phil and rolled down the window a little to chat. He said the wind was supposed to get worse. Hehe. Kevin was the only one man enough to get out of his car, and he walked up to the cliff to take a look (though I don't know what going up there would tell us, that whitecaps in Whaler's Cove couldn't already say). I was a bit worried he would get blown off the cliff. He came back and reported that there was a little bit of "protection" in the sense that further out beyond the point, it was even more hellish. So we passed on diving. Instead we went to breakfast at Black Bear diner with Cynthia, and then Rob and I went for a drive along the water in Pacific Grove, to see the huge waves at spots we sometimes call dive sites (e.g. Coral Street).

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