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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kick to Beto's Reef

Cynthia invited us to dive with her at Lobos on Saturday, so we decided to do a little kick dive out to Beto's. It's good to kick every now and then, otherwise you forget how (or realize what a slow poke you are when your team leaves you in the dust!). Rob didn't bring his camera, because he decided that conditions did not look promising enough to schlep it. Of course this guarantees epic conditions, and that's exactly what we got. The viz was really good. So it was a great day for a long kick dive. There was quite a bit of scooter traffic going by, I guess because the LA crew was in town, and they always come packing lots of scooters :P I don't think we saw anything out of the ordinary, but it was just a really nice day. We did say hello to the wolf eel at Beto's. Rob and Cynthia swam way too fast, and kept leaving me in the dust. I guess I need to do more kick dives.

After the dive, we swung by Cynthia's and then walked down to Otter Bay, where I scored a new PINK can cozy for my light. Woohoo. Then we headed down to Taste of Monterey for some wine tasting with Nick, Jamie and Maciek. A good time and a lot of wine was had by all.

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