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Sunday, May 15, 2011

NAS Archaeology Class

We spent May 13 through May 15 taking an underwater archaeology class offered by the Nautical Archaeology Society. We brought in instructor Chris Underwood to teach the Introduction and Part 1 classes in underwater archaeology. The first day was spent in the classroom, parking lot, and pool at Wallins. We learned different 2-D survey techniques and practiced them both on land (in the parking lot) and in the pool. On Saturday and Sunday, we were at Lobos. On Saturday, we basically practiced the same techniques in the ocean (at 12 feet, right by the ramp :P) plus we also practiced using survey frames to sketch "artefacts". On Sunday, we did a mini-project as a team, where we did a survey of a much bigger set of artefacts over a slightly larger area, using a different survey technique. Oh and there was also lots of lecture on various archaeology topics like how to manage diving logistics and safety, and how not to run afoul of any legal regulations, etc. But the survey and sketching was definitely the most fun part (check out my sketch of three artefacts under a frame -- a roasting rack, a plate, and Gary's reel)! Actually I thought doing the data analysis was pretty fun too. Geeky, I know. Rob thought I was nuts for that.

Susan posted tons of pictures here.

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