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Thursday, January 17, 2013

New's Years Trip to Florida 2013

In what is becoming a tradition, we once again spent New Year's in Florida.  This time around we convinced Kevin to come too, so it was all Team Kitty, all the time, or something.  It wasn't until the second day, on the way out from Madison, that I realized that Team Kitty hasn't done a cave dive all together in ages!  This occurred to me because I was thinking... it's just so much easier diving with Rob and Kevin.  It's very predictable, and everyone is pretty laid back (well as laid back as Rob can be), and dives don't have to be over-planned or over-debriefed.  Anyhoo, Kevin brought his new hero-cam along with a video reflector for his primary light.  He got some pretty cool clips, and put together a video from all of the footage he took on the trip.  Be sure to turn on the sound when you watch it... I didn't the first time, but I love the music!

Anyhoo, without further ado, the day-by-day reports:

Peacock to the Crypt
Madison: The Courtyard and Godzilla Circuit
Emerald Sink to the Black Abyss
Ginnie Past the Hinkel
Orange Grove to Challenge, etc.

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