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Monday, October 6, 2014

Cordell Bank 2014

After our super successful trip to Cordell Bank last year, we quickly decided that we must return this year.  Once again, we picked a weather window in October, which has historically been a successful time to dive Cordell Bank.  Unfortunately this year, the weather was not quite as cooperative as it was last year.  This time around, as the weather window arrived, the forecast looked quite bad for the first several days.  But it was supposed to calm down starting on Thursday, and luckily we got in a few days of diving in a short window before conditions deteriorated again.  We only managed two days of diving on the bank this year, after which followed several days of heavy fog, followed by rough seas.  But, we managed to accomplish our goals for the year, which included laying the groundwork for a multi-year monitoring project with NOAA, and collecting specimens of several invertebrate species for scientists at NOAA and California Academy of Sciences.  Since there was fog on the third day, we did a recreational dive closer to shore, just to see what diving is like around Bodega Bay.  The individual dive reports are:

Northern East Ridge
Northern West Ridge
Ballbuster North

I'm not sure if I ever posted the final project video for our 2013 expedition on here.  So, here it is, and there's a lot more detail about that project on the project page.

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