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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lunaticos Annex

Just in the interest of keeping track of things, I'm going to leave a short post about the dive we did today.  We went to Lunaticos Annex, of course because we could not make it very far south.  I was super seasick on the boat before the dive.  We got in the water, and found very nice blue water.  However, I was still feeling sick, and about 20 minutes into the dive, I suggested we head back to the shallower spot (where the downline was).  I told the team that I wasn't feeling too well, but didn't need to call it yet.  We hung out near that area, where Rob took a few pictures of me posed right alongside a wall and an elephant ear sponge.  For some reason those pictures never materialized (I guess they weren't up to snuff).  After a few minutes of that, we called the dive early.  I was feeling pretty queasy on deco too.  I was relieved when we got to the surface.  Just as we were getting back on the boat, a huge pod of dolphins appeared, and was all around on the surface.  Rob and Kevin actually got some decent swimming with dolphins action on the surface, but I was back on the boat by the time they were really all over the place :(

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