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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fiji 2016: Tokoriki Day 2

After breakfast (Fijian eggs Benedict, which instead of ham had smoked walu, yum!), we went kayaking. The guy who dispensed the kayaks to us explained where we could go. I guess we had a reputation now... The boundary that he described was much less confining in kayaks than a hobie cat. I was originally hoping for a two person kayak, but none were available. I like the idea of a two person kayak, because I like the idea of sitting in a boat while Rob paddles me around. But in reality, two single person kayaks is a lot better because we can actually converse with each other.  We went out of the channel (though there is plenty of area to paddle around in inside of the channel) and turned right. We paddled over to a buoy. There are supposedly buoys that mark snorkeling spots, where you can tie up your kayak and go for a snorkel. But I'm not sure that this was that kind of buoy... It seemed kind of deep and I could see much (through the "glass bottom" in the kayak). Then we headed back and past the channel and a bit further out, to another buoy, which may have actually been marking a snorkeling spot. After that, we headed back through the channel, which was extra squirrelly, because the tide was really low, and ambled about in the shallows. There was more sitting than paddling, but with the tide going out, we did have to occasionally paddle to hold station.

Lunchtime libations
After our paddling adventure, we didn't do much until lunch.  I had grilled mahi mahi with a tropical fruit salsa.  After lunch, I went to the spa for a massage. My masseuse was named Kara and she was hard core. I'm sure she could have mad me cry if she wanted. But I don't mean that in a negative way. It was an excellent massage. And the spa was nice in general too.  That was pretty much my activity for the afternoon. Rob claims to have gone for a dip in the ocean while I was gone, but I'm guessing there was quite a bit of sleeping as well. 

We went to happy hour at the lounge again, but this time with enough forethought to douse our legs in bug spray beforehand.  Not enough forethought to douse my arms in bug spray however. So I got like 20 bug bites between my elbow and shoulder on one arm (which I didn't notice until the next morning).  They weren't very itchy luckily, but look pretty gross. I also got a few VERY itchy bites on my ankle (despite the bug spray). Anyhoo, I had a piƱa colada, which was not frozen, but was very good.  I was reading Log from the Sea of Cortez, which was very entertaining (and I think should be mandatory reading for the Cordell team).  

A friend at the resort
We eventually headed to dinner, and sat inside, I guess because the bugs were annoying me even before I knew about all of the bug bites.  I got a seafood appetizer, which came with three little items... Salmon sushi, seared scallops, and shrimp tempura udon. Rob got the ceviche again. Then I had the roasted pork belly, which was really really good. It came with a little roasted apple and an apple sauce, and I'm a huge fan of pork with apples. It was also enormous, which was good, so I could share it with Rob. He loves pork belly but for some reason ordered something else. There were also truffle mashed potatoes, which were good, though I didn't think the truffle really went with the rest of it.  For dessert, I got baked Alaska, which was good, but the meringue was a bit too sweet for me. It tasted like a pile of marshmallows on top of the ice cream.

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