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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Anilao 2018: Day 2

It's probably about time that I say something more about the resort, or well, really anything other than diving, since yesterday's post was very dive heavy.  So we've already covered the sisig and the mango coladas.  The other notable thing about the resort is that they have amazing mango juice (and also fresh mangoes) at breakfast.  I didn't think the breakfast was particularly amazing overall, but the mangoness was quite amazing.  Another positive aspect about breakfast (or any meal, really more an aspect of the dining "room") was that there was a mom and kitten that were super cute, and super friendly, especially if you had some meat or eggs to offer to the kittens.  The kitten was so teeny tiny and friendly!  Rob even picked him/her up a couple of times.  So cute!

For the first dive of the day, we went to a spot just to the right of the hotel that was a muck dive.  I think the site was called Twin Rocks.  For the second dive, we went across to the other island (Maricaban Island) to look for hairy gobies.  The site consisted of coral rubble, and I believe it was called Olympic Point (though there is a question mark after that in my notes).  I was not really familiar with hairy gobies before the dive and didn't really know what we were looking for.  But Elmer found one, and now I could see why they were named as they were.  They are so ridiculously cute; they don't even look real in pictures, they look like cartoons to me.  Those guys are also VERY skittish and like to disappear back into the coral branches when the flash goes off.

After lunch, we went to Bubble's Point, which is a bit further past Secret Bay.  This site has bubbles that come up from a volcanic vent.  This site has tons of crinoids (which I love), and a cool wall that goes down to at least 100', and lots of big cool fans on the wall.  The site also had, in general, some bigger fish compared to other dives we'd done so far.  At the top of the wall, there a sort of coral rubble field, which had a lot of whip corals with shrimp on them.  It's always fun to look for shrimp on those.

For the night dive, we went to a similar site as yesterday, but a little bit further down the beach.  I'm not sure if it's still Secret Bay or if it had a different name.  Anyway, it was another muck dive.

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