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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Anilao 2018: Day 4

Today was wide angle day.  It would turn out to be the one and only day that Rob shot wide angle.  We went over to Maricaban Island, a little to the right from the resort.  The spot had really nice coral formations, but the viz was chunky and it was cloudy.  This is, of course, why we didn't end up doing more wide angle days.  Apparently the bad viz is seasonal, so it would be interesting to return during a better viz time of the year (there are also certain critters that are only around other times of year).  We saw a little school of barracuda and also a lot of anthias and other tropical fish.  It was a nice dive, but just not the best conditions for photography.

Next we wnet back to Mainit, but we went more toward the point and shallower.  In this area, there were some really nice pinnacles and walls.  The viz was bad again.  It was kind of variables; there were spots where the viz was pretty good, but overall it was pretty murky.  But Rob managed to get a few keeper pics in the better viz spots.

In the afternoon, Rob switched back to macro.  We went to a spot near where we had looked for flamboyant cuttlefish yesterday, to look for pikachu nudibranchs.  The site was called "Nudibranch Safari", and has a slope down to about 70', where there is a flat muck area.  We had no luck finding Pikachus, but we found plenty of other slugs to keep us busy.  I guess it's a pretty good name for the site.

For the night, we went back to Secret Bay.  We saw three ghost pipefish immediately after descending, so it was off to a good start!  Other than that, we saw lots of tiny nudibranchs.  There was one which I thought looked kind of Aplysia-like, and when I showed it to Rob, he wasn't really sure that it was a nudibranch.  In the process of trying to inspect it, it flew off of the hydroid or whatever it was on and we almost lost it to mid-water.  But then Rob managed to get some pretty cool shots of it against the black of mid-water.  Right at the end of the dive, we found a squid, and we followed him up to the surface.

Pina colada, at last
I guess a food shipment had arrived during the day, because they finally had pineapple at the bar, so they could make me a pina colada.  So I finally got my pina colada, and confirmed that mango coladas are actually tastier than pina coladas.  I will have to put this new knowledge into use at home sometime, when it is good mango season.

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