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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Fiji 2019

We returned to Fiji and this time we did a 10-day liveaboard on the Nai'a.  We had a great time on the Nai'a last time (which was a 7 day charter).  Our favorite dives were at Somosomo Strait and Namena Reserve.  I was under the (correct) impression that they don't usually go to Somosomo Strait on 7 day trips, which was part of the motivation behind doing a 10 day trip this time.  Apparently (at least these days) they don't routinely go to Somosomo Strait on any trips on the Nai'a.  So that was a bit of a letdown.  We did spend two days in Namena (which I think they do on every trip, whatever the length).  So while we had a great trip overall, I don't think we did the amount of great diving that you could do with 10-ish days in Fiji.  Next time I go to Fiji, I'd probably do a 7 day trip on Nai'a (to get to Namena) and a shorter land-based trip near Somosomo.  (I said the same thing after our last trip on the Nai'a, though, so who knows?)  This is mainly because I think that the soft corals are *the* reason to go to Fiji, and over our three trips to Fiji, Somosomo consistently had the best soft coral.

Actually I'm now thinking that my next trip on the Nai'a might be one of their humpback trips in Tonga.  Hmmmm.

Without further ado, the day-by-day reports are here:

Travel to Fiji and Day 1
Day 2 (Bligh Waters)
Day 3 (Bligh Waters)

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