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Sunday, February 25, 2007

GUE Fundamentals, Day 7

For these two dives, Ted joined us to fill out a team of three. The plan for dive 1 was to each do an S-drill, me to do the no-mask swim (there was possibly other stuff that I'm forgetting) and then for to do bag shoots with ascents. I asked to do the no-mask swim first because it had been haunting me all night. (Rob says that in reality, it had been haunting me pretty much since we signed up for the class.) It went well though, notwithstanding the lack of guidance from my team when I started to ascend a little while replacing my mask, and I signalled a big "phew" (hand across the forehead) to Rob when I was done. We then each did our S-drills which all went pretty ok. Then time came for Rob to shoot his bag and for us to ascend. Rob forgot to close his pocket after he pulled out his bag and spool. I felt like a total idiot for not catching it, since Ted even told us that when he took fundies, they got dinged for forgetting that :) Ok, fix that, bag goes up, then we go up. I had more trouble with floaty-feet at the 10' stop which culminated in me pushing off of Ted's forehead to hold position. Ted claims he would have given me a fist to push off of but he was afraid Rob would beat him up if he got too touchy feely. Hehe.

After regrouping on the surface, we went back down to do an OOG ascent where Ted was donating to Rob and then headed back to the beach.

On the second dive, we practiced bringing an unconscious diver to the surface. Unfortunately our "unconscious diver" (Ted) had some serious floaty feet, which made it both amusing to watch and very difficult to bring him up in a horizontal position. The second dive was more working on ascents, with Rob and Ted working on OOG ascent. I shot a bag on one of the ascents. I didn't get around to doing an OOG ascent, so I'll have to get checked off on that later.

We reviewed the video for the day, and then did the situational awareness lecture. And then we each met with Beto to discuss our performance, what we should work on, etc.

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