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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Point Lobos, Topside

Rob's brother and dad are visiting, so we took them to Point Lobos to walk around a bit. We started in Whaler's Cove, and walked part of the way up North Shore Trail, to look out over Whaler's and Bluefish Cove. We saw a few harbor seals sunning on a rock in Bluefish Cove. We headed back to the car, to go over to the Sea Lion Point Trail. First we checked out the boat ramp in Whaler's, to see the shiny new path that Scott Tims pressure washed a few days ago. Can't wait to use the path :)

We headed over to Sea Lion Rocks, and parked in the second parking lot. We hiked back up to the rocks. On the way there, in Sand Hill Cove, we saw two sea otters. Well, three actually. One of them had a baby laying on its tummy, face down. It was so cute. The baby looked like a fur ball that would occasionally squirm around. There were also a bunch of harbor seals on the big rock in that cove. We made it up to Sea Lion Rocks, only to find no sea lions. No barking, no sightings, nothing. Oh well. We saw a lot more harbor seals in Headland Cove, plus three more sea otters (two resting on their backs, one diving for food), as promised in the trail description. Took some pictures with the cypress trees in the background, and then headed back to the car.

It was the perfect day for exploring Lobos topside. It was sunny, mid 60s. We didn't see any deer or blue jays, which we often see there. But we did see a deer grazing along the side of Oceanview later when we were driving up the coast in Monterey.