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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pepper's Dive Training

Pepper has decided she wants to learn to dive, so she's been going through Rob's rigorous training program. First, she had to learn to manipulate bolt snaps. She showed a real affinity to bolt snaps, she loves to grab them when we aren't looking and run off and play with them. They're like little metal mice.

Next, she did a little line clinic with Rob. As a professional cat, she's always loved line of all sorts (rope, yarn, cave line). So she came into it with a lot of enthusiasm. The biggest challenge was that she had to learn not to eat the line... you can't very well follow your path back out of an overhead environment if you've chewed through your line! In the picture at right, she's pulling a tie for Rob, great team work!

She's still mulling her options for gear, but she's pretty sure she wants double Aluminum 6's for tanks. And she definitely wants a pink harness to match her collar.

Now she just has to overcome her fear of water!


Don said...

funniest post ever!

Unknown said...

I wish I was a cat so I could breath argon!!!