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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Felix the Cat

Oreo and Pepper have a new cousin! Felix, aka the Hairless Wonder, is Andrea and Jose's new 10 week old sphinx. Isn't he a cute little devil? I think he looks like a cross between an albino bat and a baby alien. There's also a striking family resemblance to Tiki (at left), don't you think?

What do Oreo and Pepper have to say about him? They haven't met him yet, but here's what they said after seeing his picture:

Oreo: Looks like a tasty morsel.
Pepper: Ahhh, all his hair fell out! Is that contagious?

I have assured Pepper that his hairlessness is not contagious, and now she can't wait to meet him.

By the way, the sweater he's wearing is actually a sock with holes cut in it. That gives you an idea of how teeny tiny he is!

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