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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kitty Photo Shoot (Rob's New Camera)

Rob got his new camera. Maybe he will give a guest post giving the details, since, you know, I am a a feeble-minded girl who doesn't understand such technical things. Naturally the first subjects for the camera were the cats. I tried to get Pepper riled up with the happy fun stick (you know, that cat toy with a mylar thingy on the end of an elastic thingy on a stick, sometimes also referred to as the magic fun stick). This is not my most eloquent post, and I apologize for that. I guess Kitty photo shoots do not whip me up into a verbal frenzy like dive reporting does. Anyhoo, I am not nearly as good with the happy fun stick as Bob is -- he can really get Pepper to jump and flip around a lot more than I can. But it was not bad -- he got a few pictures of Super Cat. Then he took some glamour shots of Oreo. One of Adrienne's coworkers said, of the glamour shot, that the picture was more flattering than other pictures of Oreo (in which she apparently looks fat), but she looks a little slutty :)

Over the weekend, we went to Boston (or the Boston area anyway) for a wedding. The wedding was fun, plus we got to see some Boston friends. We went to the public garden on day to get some waterfowl shots -- well, we went there to see the swans, but we also saw geese, ducks, and a mystery black bird with an impressive wingspan. We also found a gaggle of goslings (with Mom and Dad) right next to our hotel. Throughout the weekend we actually saw tons of baby geese in Waltham and Burlington. The baby geese weren't that baby... but still fuzzy wuzzies. I can't wait until next baby geese season, we can get some super cute shots of the Oracle geese! We also went to a little pond in Waltham (by the Marriott) where they have some swans, plus the other usuals. So here are some pictures. Rob and I were both taking pictures, so I don't really know who took these. (But the cat pics were all Bob.) After all the swan action in Boston, when we got back home, we had lunch with Ted on Monday (the usual Jaywalk lunch... I told him I had to hear about his diving since I was in withdrawal from not diving over the weekend), and we saw a swan on the lagoon next to Jaywalk Cafe! I have never seen a swan anywhere around Oracle before.

Rob picked up the housing an accessories from Backscatter today. The camera is quite a monstrosity once inside the housing, with the strobes, etc. So by popular demand, here's a picture of it. Pepper seems quite interested in her new brother :P

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