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Monday, March 24, 2008

Kitty Eats String

This is Nitrox (I call her Troxy). She belongs to David, a frequent character on Cold Water Kitty (and a big dive dork, as you can see from his cat's name). About a month ago, Nitrox ate a 3 to 4 foot long piece of string. She had to have surgery to remove the string :( Luckily she did not require too serious of a surgery (no cutting into the digestive tract required).

Nitrox has since made a full recovery. She's out of her lampshade. I'm not sure if her fur has completely grown back in. But luckily she's got plenty of fur, so hopefully that will cover up her scars. Isn't she a cute little furball!?! She is a Norwegian Forest Cat (aka Skog cat). Apparently skog cats have waterproof fur (I'm not sure if David has tested that theory though). That means she will make the purrrfect diving companion for David :P

By the way, here's more info on what to do if your cat eats string. It includes a very cute graphic of a cat with string hanging out of its butt.


Unknown said...

Poor Nitrox. She's very fortunate; lots of kitties who swallow string don't make it (the string wads up, causes obstruction and bowel strangulation).

My cats love dental floss and always find it, so I flush it (bad). Sheck, not surprisingly, is fond of cave line but it's a bit too coarse for her to swallow.

The things that these kitties get up to!

Anonymous said...

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gecko1 said...

Howdy. That spam is very generic. Not at all interesting, congratulations :-/. I will add you to my kill file. >:-) If possible I will try to figure out what you gives a last there about. Abandon hope all ye who fill our inboxes with advertisements we didn't ask for. What's the URL Kenneth? A slug.

Kenn said...

Poor thing. This reminds me of some horrible youtube video where a guy shows you how to "untangle a set of earphones" by mixing it in with food and feeding it to his cat. He then waits, and flosses the cat.

Crystal said...

Hey, those pics look familiar. Oh yeah--I took those! I took care of David's kitty when she was recovering and took the pics of her all conehead-y. David showed me your blog and I totally recognized those pics! Nitrox is a cute kitty and I'm glad she's all recoverd now!