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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back to Beto's

I've fallen a little behind on my dive reports. But since typing too much is bad for the paws, I will have to be brief in my catch-up reports. Or as close to brief as I can really be :) We had been planning to scooter with Don and Elissa, and Kevin invited himself along early in the week. Then D & E ended up not being able to make it (Don hurt himself while engaging in some dangerous hobby involving a bicycle and a mountain), so at the last minute we were stuck with Kevin. After mulling our options and investigating the gas selection in Cynthia's garage, we decided to go back out to Beto's. The viz was just so good the day before, and we didn't get to spend that much time out there. We decided to hit Beto's and then optionally (depending on how in love with Beto's we were) head over to the Sisters for the second half of the dive.

We got a late start, on account of Kevin bringing his Rock Band console and guitar (although I really prefer the drums), plus the big-enough-to-knock- a-horse-down margaritas we had with dinner. Once we finally got into the water, we headed right out to Beto's. We stopped around the wolf eel den, and clipped off. Sure enough, the wolf eel was there, and I spent a few minutes checking him out. Kevin found a Dirona right when we first stopped. The viz was not nearly as good as it was the day before, which was quite a bummer. I spent most of the time poking around on the patch of reef just north of the eel, and some time trying to find the warbonnet again. I eventually got sick of looking and gave up. Not long after that, Rob found him. I didn't go quite far enough along the reef before giving up. I found another one of the mystery yellow slugs for Rob to take pictures of. After showing it to Clinton, he said he thought it was Aldisa sanguinea. Other than that, we saw the usual assortment of nudibranchs and cute little fish.

After about 20 minutes, we decided to head over to the Sisters. We settled in near the top of the third one. We poked around there for a few minutes; I saw a few Aegires, I think, and some clown nudibranchs. I also found a cute little nook with a Cadlina luteomarginata next to a Doriopsilla albopunctata squished next to each other, like peas in a pod. I pointed it out to Rob and he had no clue what I was trying to show him; I guess he didn't think it was quite as cute. Before long, it was time to head in. We scooted back to Beto's and then headed in from there. It was a pretty straightforward trip in from there. Considering how murky it was even along the sand channel, we ascended from the worm patch and did our deco there. 111 feet, 81 minutes, 48 degrees

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