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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Pepper Chronicles

While I was in New Zealand, I missed my kitties so much, and I kept pestering Rob to send me some pics of what they were up to while I was gone. I finally got an emailed, entitled "Proof of Life" from Rob, with a pic of Pepper looking at Rob's laptop (that little camera at the top of the screen is so convenient!). After that, several more pictures were to follow, chronicling Pepper's life during the week of my absence. It looks like she had a big week...

Day 2... Pepper watches Rob work on his laptop.

Day 4... Pepper watches Rob work on his laptop. They were hunkered down in the bedroom with the AC on.

Day 4... Pepper takes an active interest in Rob's work. He was programming a robotic squirrel.

Day 5... Even Pepper needs a little break from Rob's work now and then.

Rob refused to send me pictures of Oreo, because he is mean. However, my sister did send me this pic, which she took the day that I left.

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