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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Granite Point

On Saturday, Team Kitty was back at Lobos, and we decided to do a scooter dive in the Granite Point area. I was leading, since I always like zooming up and down and around all the relief over there. The water looked calm, which was good, since it meant we could hopefully go up to the shallow areas. I like to go up there to visit the giant green anemones. The plan was to head out to the wall, and depending on conditions, we'd either head behind it first, or we'd continue out deeper until we found calm enough water.

When we got out to the wall, it was nice and calm, so we headed around to the back of the wall. We hung out there while Kevin posed for Rob and I poked around looking for critters. After a little while there, we continued on from there, across the covelet just north of that, until we got to the next little covelet, and stopped there for a while. Rob found a neat little crack in one of the big boulders in that cove, and Kevin posed behind it for some shots. I eventually suggested we move along a bit, up into the shallows, but I didn't manage to find the green anemones. It got pretty surgy so I gave up. We headed back down to the deeper area, and poked around for a little while before heading back to the wall. As we scootered towards the wall, I headed up to the top of the wall (in 30 to 40 feet). I had never been up there before, but it seemed like a good day for that, with calm conditions. I could tell the boys thought I was a little crazy as I scootered straight towards the wall and then up and over top of it right at the last minute. We hung out there for a few minutes, where I found a couple of slugs and pointed them out to Rob and Kevin (I think I found a trilineata or two, and a Eubranchus, among others).

When it was time to head back, we did, staying fairly shallow over the sand, since the viz was so good we could see the bottom from 20' above it. When we got to the end of middle reef, I scootered over the top of that too, since, again, it seemed like the day to do that. Last time I went up there, I found a seal hanging out up there and thought it would be a fun place to scooter along. So we headed in along that and eventually ducked down to the left on the east side of the reef, then headed in. We did a quick second dive to do some drills and such. I'll spare you the details, but I am happy to report that no one dropped any bottles this time :)

All of the day's pictures are here.

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