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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Three Sisters

After an evening of wine and margarita tasting, Team Kitty returned to Lobos for another day of diving. We decided to do a little scooter dive out to the Three Sisters, since we haven't gone there (just to go there) in a long time. Kevin and I were both being extremely lame and lazy, so we made Rob lead. And we refused to bring deco bottles because we were too lazy to bring them into the water, and predicted it would be too cold to do a very long dive anyway (it was very cold on the surface). So with that constraint, we figured we could head out to Beto's then hop across to the Sisters, and spend about 10 minutes on each of the three before heading back in. The tide was crazy crazy high, spilling over the top of the ramp, which made for an interesting entry since I could barely stand on the flat part of the ramp.

We headed out to Beto's, and briefly visited the wolf eel on the way out. After passing his den, we headed over the sand out to the first sister. I was quickly drawn to the center patch of hydrocoral and posed for a few pics, and then kicked around looking for little guys. It was pretty much the usual slug suspects. When we headed over to the second sister, I couldn't believe how deep the elephant ear on the side of it was, but I guess it was a really high tide. As a result, I ended up spending most of the time on the top half of the pinnacle. I pointed out a tiny Aegeris to Kevin. Well, I had to entertain myself somehow, and forcing Kevin to look at tiny slugs is always fun. We eventually headed over to the third sister, and I spent most of the time on the flattish area on the north side, and the peak right next to that area. I found a Diaphorodoris lirulatocauda, I guess it was small white slug day at the sisters. We ended up turning the dive 5 minutes sooner than we had planned, since we were a bit deeper than we had expected. The trip in was pretty uneventful.

After the dive, Kevin and I had completely recovered from our pre-dive ennui, and were excited to get back into the water. We had planned to do a skills dive, so we were sort of stuck with that plan. We had a terribly fun time doing skills in about 25 feet of water. Or not.

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