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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Calculus of dive gear packing

After our recent experiences with dive travel and baggage limits, we decided to avert future ticket-counter reshuffling by weighing each piece of gear to create a quick-reference guide for packing:

Gear item
Dry weight (lbs.)
Drysuit (DUI TLS350) in bag8.5-9.5
DUI Rockboots (pair)2.4
Backgas regs (Apeks DS4/TX50) + gauges7.5
Stage/deco reg (Apeks TX100)3.6
Stage/deco reg (MK25/G250)2.5
Halcyon Al BP4.2
DeepSeaSupply SS BP8.0
Halcyon 40lbs Evolve wing2.3
XL Jetfins (pair)5.0
Turtle fins (pair)5.8
Pocket contents

(wetnotes, SMB/spool, backup mask,

airhorn, stage leash)
Scout backup light (with Batteries)0.6
Argon reg0.2
Double-ender boltsnap0.2
Yoke/DIN adapter0.8
9Ah NiMH battery3.3
Helios/Salvo 9Ah canister1.4
Halcyon 18W/Salvo 21W lighthead2.3
Halcyon boatbag1.9
Halcyon 4.5 SMB/150' spool1.4
Diving Concepts drygloves (pair)0.8

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