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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Granite Point Sprint

On Sunday, we were back at Lobos. Rob was helping with Fundies again, so the plan was that I'd go hike around Lobos and then we'd do a quick dive together in the afternoon. Of course once we'd pulled into the Lobos parking lot, that plan disintegrated. Mark and Joakim were there, and I asked where they were headed, and eventually invited myself along on their dive :) They were planning to scooter over to the deeper areas around Granite Point. After negotiating a plan, we headed out there. The viz was still spectacularly crappy. It opened up a teeny bit over by Granite Point wall. Once we got over to the wall, we headed out along it, and skipped along the structures out to about 90 feet. I think we had just gotten to the big pinnacle by Q-tip, but we didn't make it far enough around to see the Q-tip, so I'm not completely sure. On the way back in, we cut over into one of the little nooks along the wall. In my opinion, this was the nicest part of the dive -- much more colorful in these shallower areas than the deeper spots. After hanging out there for a few minutes, we headed back in. We had been planning to scooter in along the east side of middle reef. Just as we were about to head up the channel there, I could feel that my scooter was about to die. So I clipped it off and we kicked in the rest of the way. Swimming up the east side turned out to be a bad idea, due to the horrible viz, so eventually I cut over to the other side, and surfaced before we made it back to the worm patch. Joakim and Mark were planning on a second dive, but Mark had some light problems, so we called it a day.

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