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Monday, September 28, 2009

Kitty Antics

Pepper's favorite time of the week (that doesn't involve food) is laundry day. When I open the dryer to check if the laundry is finished, she comes running and then follows me down the hallway as I get the laundry basket, follows me back to the dryer, then hops in the basket as I fill it with warm laundry. Then she rides along in the basket when I carry it to my designated laundry folding station, and luxuriates in the warm laundry as each piece is plucked away. I usually just fold everything that I don't want to get wrinkled, and leave the rest for later, so she ends up snoozing on a bed of dive and gym wear. Here's a picture of her in the full basket, hoping I'll be too lazy to actually fold the laundry in a timely manner.
Meanwhile Oreo could be found lounging on the couch in the living room, perfectly centered atop a folded fleece blanket. As soon as I came into the room to snap a picture, she popped up and came over, purring loudly, waiting for pets. Here she is giving me her best "put down that iPhone and give me some pets" look.

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