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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The 3 Nixies

Allison was still sick, so Kevin and I went out and joined Clinton, Nick and Jim for a dive :-) The conditions looked like they were still calm, so pretty soon we found ourselves motoring south toward the Yankee Point area. Jim suggested that we dive a series of pinnacles he dubbed the "3 Nixies". I'd been to a pinnacle a couple hundred feet East of there a few times, but had never seen these structures, so I was game.

Kevin and I got geared up and after solving some minor gear issues, were on our way. I was pretty impressed with how sheer the topography was here. There are a couple very distinct, very vertical pinnacles that bottom out past 200', but top out in the 100' range. Very nice. We used the scooters to work our way around a couple of the pinnacles but also spent some time "on foot", so to speak, exploring the area more closely and stopping for pictures. Pretty soon, our all-too-short 40min BT was up, and we met up with the other team at the top of the structure to begin our ascent. About 10minutes into our deco (at about 60'), Kevin pointed downward and we could see that we had drifted onto another reef system which topped out probably around 70' or 80', just below us. That made for a nice stop as we were able to watch the reef (albeit from afar) for most of it. Based on our drift direction, I'd say we probably drifted over PTP.

The ride back was pleasant, and we even got to spend some time with a large pod of over 100 playful rissos.

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