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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Breakwater Night Dive

Rob and I were heading down to Monterey to dive on Friday, and the forecast looked good for Thursday, so we decided to go down a little early and do a night dive on Thursday. We convinced Matt and Leah to join us. We were super late, because we realized at the last minute that we had left some tanks that we needed at AWS. Oops. When we arrived, Matt and Leah were waiting in the rain for us, all dressed in their drysuits. Once we got there, we were pretty quick to get in (probably due to the rain). We did the usual breakwater night routine, starting out over the sand and then circling back over to the wall. The viz was pretty good, definitely quite a bit better than it had been on the last couple of dives I did there.

The highlight of the dive was a pair of squid who were gliding gracefully around in formation. Very cute. We happened upon them pretty early in the dive. We only saw one octopus, which was a pretty big one, who was slithering across the sand. As he slithered, he bumped right into a turbot, who was definitely not pleased. We saw quite a few turbot throughout the dive. Apparently there was a Triopha maculata that I totally missed. I am pretty sure I know when I missed it, because someone tried to show me something and I had no clue what I was supposed to be looking at :) We eventually made it back to the wall and headed in along it. There were lots of Adalaria jannae (that Rob refused to photograph) on the shallow end of the wall. There were a lot of those on the wall the last time we were there (though further out last time). Right near the end of the dive, at about 10 feet, I found a trilineata in the sand just off the wall. I thought that was a weird place for it, but then I realized that there were dozens of them all over the sand in that one spot. Weird.

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