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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's in Cave Country

For New Year's 2011, Team Kitty took to the caves. Since Rob and I were on the east coast to visit our parents for Christmas anyway, of course we had to swing by Florida for a few days of diving. Kevin actually went out there several days before us, and stayed for about a week, and our trips overlapped for a couple of days. Rob didn't bring his camera, but I brought the Hero cam, which I have come to love. I don't love editing video, though. So for now I am just posting screen captured images from the video (hence the lower than usual quality of the pics!). Some day in the future (possibly after I retire), I am sure I will edit all of the video, and I will post it here.

Little River
Ginnie Springs
Madison Blue

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gecko1 said...

Trust me on this - speaking as somebody who has about 12 hours of unedited video from my 2004 trip to PNG still on my HD - if you don't edit video right away you never will.