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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cave 2 Report

Last week, Rob and I took a slightly stealthy trip to Florida to take Cave 2 with David Rhea, but not as stealthy as the ultimate stealth trip for Cave 1. This was to be (I hoped) my last GUE class ever! Since we couldn't talk Ted into taking the class with us (super lame), David found a kick-ass third team member for us, Antonio. We didn't know him, but we bumped into him at EE in December. He noticed our names on some gear and put two and two together, so we knew right off the bat that he had excellent situational awareness :) The rest of this is day by day. I did a horrible job of taking pictures during class, so prepare yourself for disappointment in that area!

Ah, what are relief to be finished. I was just telling Rob at the gym today that I am never practicing another breath hold swim again. Actually I immediately back-pedaled on that and said "well maybe someday, but not because you tell me to" :)

Thanks to David and Antonio for a great class. We couldn't have chosen a better third team member ourselves. And now we have a buddy in south Florida to go wreck diving with sometime! I have said many times how happy I am to be finished with GUE classes "forever", and I think I went out on a high note. I definitely had some jitters about the class because I didn't want to look like an idiot, but the diving in the class was actually quite fun! The "stress" of the failures and scenarios really didn't spoil that at all for me.

And of course, thanks to the guys at EE and Edd's for all of their help.

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