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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Planet Roxy and White Wall

 We were on a tech boat on Saturday and the forecast looked great. So of course the plan was to go south until the weather dictated otherwise. We made it to Point Sur and then discussed where to go. Jim had numbers for some new site (not sure where the numbers came from) and he called it Roxy something. I can't remember the rest of the name, so I've decided to call it Planet Roxy, for no particular reason. Anyhoo, the site was storied to be about as far out as Midway but a bit south of that. Or maybe it was north, I always get those confused. The profile was also supposed to be similar to midway, with the top in the 120 range and the bottom less than 200.

We dropped into excellent viz and not much surface current, but as we descended, we saw the line flatten out and then were greeted by an impressive current. Also, viz was quite green and murky at the bottom. Where we first dropped, there was a nice wall from maybe 130 to 180 or so. We dropped down the wall and Rob attempts some shots in the current. I found a Crinoid at 180'! That is by far the shallowest I have seen one locally. It was on the side of the wall, leaned over in the current. Poor little Crinoid.

We scootered around a bit to try to find more structure but eventually gave up and headed back. We saw a bunch of bigger red rockfish (including some yelloweyes) much like we have seen at Midway. Near the end we found a nice little crack with some hydrocoral for Rob to shoot. That part of the reef topped at like 120 feet making it a good multilevel option. All in all I would go to Midway over this site in the future... It has the same sort of fishlife but much better structure.

We headed back north and decided to try a "new" spot near Cypress Point. Beto has been wanting to look at this site for a while. Clinton said he was pretty sure he had dived it once a while ago. It was a well supposedly coming up to 60 and dropping off to like 130. Kevin had not brought a 32 stage so he sat this one out (despite my many strokey ideas for how we could cobble together the bottles we had so that we could all dive). The viz totally sucked on the top of the structure (which was not quite as shallow as reported). We headed down the wall, on backgas, which had slightly better viz. Also, further down the wall we escaped the barnacles (which were everywhere in the shallows). There were some nice hydrocoral bushes. Sort of like locals ledge deep was how Clinton described it.

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