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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mexico 2013

After nearly two years without making it to Mexico, I finally managed to twist Rob's arm into going to Mexico for a week instead of Florida.  So, Team Kitty went to Mexico for Kevin's birthday.

The trip did not get off to the best start.  We arrived early in the morning, to find that one of our bags got left behind in Miami (I guess this is what the "priority" tag means to American employees).  There was really no excuse for this, since we had a 2.5 hour layover and everything had been on time.  Then we got jerked around for several hours about when the bag would arrive.  Then Kevin had to wait in line for an hour to get his rental car.  So by the time we got to PA, it was mid-afternoon, and we'd never heard back from ZG about where (if anywhere) one could dive at this hour.  So we spent the first day not diving, which made for a very mad Bob.  There was steam coming out of his ears.  Kevin and I went swimming in the pool and ocean that afternoon, while Rob pouted in the condo.  Here he is looking annoyed at the airport Starbucks (where we waited for several hours for our bag... we waited so long we managed to watch a movie on the iPad and still sat there long enough to be really bored).

Mad Rob

View from our swanky condo
Anyhoo, we did eventually get all of our stuff, and diving commenced on the second day, giving us a total of 7 days of diving.  We stayed in a really swanky condo in PA, in Villas Del Mar (which Marina found for us), which had a huge pool and a patch of beach.  It was really windy all week, which was nice in terms of keeping us cool while we were setting up for dives (though this did dash my snorkeling aspirations).  It was also really dry, so quite un-buggy.  Overall the weather was great, or as great as it can be in the tropics :)  I also managed to, for the most part, avoid getting sunburned.  Definitely nothing worse than the usual weekend Escapade sunning.

So, I posted our last trip in installments.  Since that was a raging success (actually I have no idea if it was a success), I'm going to do that again.  I will update this post as I go.

Gran Cenote: Lithium Sunset, etc.
Jailhouse, Upstream to Ninth Level, etc.
The Crack at Naharon
Xunan Ha
Cenote Regina
Ox Bel Ha from Yax Chen
Last Dive of the Trip: Jailhouse, Downstream

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