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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Not Diving at E3 and the Anchor Farm

I didn't actually dive today, though I tried.  Twice.  Friday night I felt like I might be getting a cold, but since I was in denial, I got up to go diving on Saturday anyway.  We made it to E3, and the viz was excellent on top, it was blue and clear.  But I couldn't get past about 5 feet :(  It was just me and Rob, so I had to make a quick decision about whether to try to make it down, or to abort and hand Rob off to one of the other teams (before they descended).  As John and Clinton were descending past me, I grabbed Clinton signaled for him to surface with me, and then asked him to take Rob and go diving.  So, I got to do all of the fun parts of the dive... setting up gear, getting into my gear, doing gear checks, fighting the current to get to the downline, and then getting back on the boat.  And then it rained a bit while I was waiting on the boat :P

For the second dive, we went to the anchor farm.  I thought that with a bit more time to get down, I might be able to dive.  So I tried again, this time with John, Clinton, and Rob as a team, and still couldn't clear my ears.  So back to the boat, but at least the topside weather had improved a bit.

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