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Friday, May 27, 2016

Fiji 2016: Getting to Fiji

Our flight to Fiji was not bad, except that we had to go through LAX, which is always terrible :P  We flew on Fiji Airways, which was formerly Air Pacific (aka Air Pathetic).  They rebranded since we last went to Fiji, and I was skeptical that it was anything more than a name change, but they replaced their planes and the new planes are WAY better.  And I didn't get food poisoning from food on the flight this time, so that's a bonus!  We flew business class, which were angled lie-flat seats.  I've never been subjected to angled lie-flat seats before, but I've read a lot of negative reviews of them.  I had no trouble sleeping in the seat, and couldn't really notice it wasn't completely flat.  But I drank an ample amount of booze to help with the sleeping, so that could be why :)

Our flight arrived in Nadi a bit after 6:30AM (a little bit late) and after a very quick trip through immigration and customs, and a quick visit to the bank to get some Fiji-dollars, we walked to the area where hotel shuttles pick people up. We had reserved a day room at the hotel across the street ("Fiji Gateway Hotel" formerly Raffles). We couldn't find the shuttle so we decided to give it a few minutes. While we were waiting, a friendly Fijian man, who I think was tasked with maintaining order among the shuttles, told us that they come every few minutes, and as we were discussing it, he pointed out the shuttle entering the airport.  Once we got to the hotel, we were quickly checked in and taken to our room. The room was a fine place to spend a few hours napping and enjoying a few last moments of Internet. And showering. The water pressure was excellent. We also lunched there (I had chicken curry and Rob had fish n chips -- both were good).

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