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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Anilao 2018: Stop in Hong Kong (Day 2)

Pork bun!
In the morning we met up with Bev at Tim Ho Wan, which is a dim sum chain that has a Michelin star (for some of the other locations).  We went to the one at the IFC mall.  There was a short wait, but it was not too bad.  The food was very tasty; the bbq pork buns (baked not steamed) were really really good.  After that, we visited the Apple store so that Rob could attempt to replace a laptop charger that he accidentally left in Taiwan.  Unfortunately they didn't have any with the right plug.  But it's got to be the best Apple store ever (not that I am really into Apple stores) because of the view.  Then we went for coffee and chatted about what to do with the day.

We decided to head to Peng Chau, which is a little island village that you can reach by ferry.  The good thing about this plan was that the ferry ride was well chilled.  But once we were there, it was insanely hot outside, and we were walking around in the middle of the day.  We alternated short bouts of walking with going into places with air conditioning.  We did manage to walk around the island a bit, and found a place with cheap stir fried noodles and fruity slushy drinks.  Ahhh, slushy drinks.  Then we decided to head back to the city and rest for a bit.  In the air conditioning.

Later in the afternoon, we went to Bev and Matt's apartment.  We brought Rob's birthday cake and ate that, and hung out for a bit, and got to play with (or attempt to play with) their cat, who I managed to not take a picture of :( 

View from the ferry
Then we went to Sai Kung for dinner, which is an area with a lot of fishing villages and thus a lot of seafood restaurants.  We took a ferry and then a long cab ride to get there.  By the time we got there, I was melting from the heat, even though it was long past sundown.  We went to a restaurant called Loaf On.  Bev ordered way too much food, which was all delicious.  One of the more delicious items was abalone.  Mmmmm.

After attempting to kill us with food, Bev insisted that we return to Central to go to a bar (or some bars, to be more accurate).  She wanted us to go to Quinary, which is apparently one of the ten best bars in the world (whatever that means).  But it was way too crowded, so we continued on to another bar, whose name unfortunately eludes me.  There are just too many trendy bars in this part of Hong Kong to be able to find it using google maps :P  We eventually continued on to yet another bar, 001, whose entrance is an unmarked black door with a door bell and video camera.  You ring the bell and they decide if they want to let you in.  They eventually let us in :P  Well the concept is a bit silly but it was a pretty nice, comfy bar.

That was all of the excitement I could take for one night, so we eventually headed back to our hotel, with not that many hours until we had to leave for Manila in the morning.  Yawn.

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