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Monday, May 6, 2019

Fiji 2019: Day 10

On the last day, we did 3 dives.  I didn't do a super job of writing down notes afterward, so you get a short report.  Rob had camera problems of some sort (auto-focus wasn't working) so there are also no pictures.  So I'm using some pictures from other days.


This site was a pinnacle with a surprising amount of open soft coral, considering how little current there was.  We spent a lot of time at the top of the pinnacle, which in addition to the usual variety of little tropical fish, had a huge bait ball (of fusiliers I think) that was hanging out just off of the pinnacle.  I spent a while just hanging out on top, staring at the bait ball.

Breakfast was fried eggs with bacon and potatoes. And banana bread.  Yum.

Golden sunset

This site consisted of a bunch of fairly flat squat pinnacles (if you can call them that) which was fun to swim around, and had a lot of yellow soft coral. 

For lunch we had lentil soup and Caesar salad.


This dive was not at all photogenic, but was quite fun.  The name pretty much tells you what the site was like.  The site was pretty shallow and consisted of little pinnacles with narrow channels running all throughout.  It was fun to see where we could fit and where we couldn't.  In the center of the site it was fairly open and there was one nice big coralhead.  Many of the narrower channels had sea fans in them, so I guess there were some spots that were photogenic.

After this dive, we started to motor back for the long ride back to Lautoka (where we arrived that evening).  Boohoo.  For our last night, there was a "chef's buffet" that had lots of tasty food on it.

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