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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Road Trip: The Drive to Twin Falls, Idaho

Birthday lunch
We left on Thursday morning, after my big "company event" which I had amazingly managed to survive un-hungover, and got going around 9AM, not sure if we were going to drive to Idaho or Utah :)  The air quality was terrible once we got to the Tahoe area.  It was also quite hot.  We stopped in Reno for our second charger stop and it was hot, humid, grey, and smelled like a camp fire.  The supercharger we used was a block from a fast food Korean place, so we walked over there and got some spicy pork bibimbap to eat in the car while we watched the West Wing (my favorite TV show of all time).  It was so tasty, just writing about it now is making me hungry.

On the topic of the West Wing... Rob gets pretty sleep when he has to drive long distances, so I thought that listening to some podcasts or books on tape might be a good way to keep him "engaged".  We were listening to an episode of 99% Invisible (one of the podcasts that Rob listens to), and I was googling around looking for some other good podcasts and I found something amazing -- the West Wing Weekly.  It's a podcast about the West Wing.  Each episode talks about an episode of the show.  One of the hosts is Joshua Malina, so they actually have access to interesting guests from the show.

Birthday dinner
Somewhere in the middle of Nevada, we started to seriously consider going to Utah.  Rob called a couple of his coworkers from Utah to get some advice on where to go if we wanted to go there.  But after waffling and staring at the air quality app on my phone, we decided to give Idaho a try.  We stopped in beautiful Elko, Nevada for our final charge stop and dinner at Mattie's Taphouse and Grill.  It was pretty decent for a restaurant in a random strip mall off of the interstate :P

After not too much longer of a drive, we got to Twin Falls, Idaho, where we were staying for the night (at the beautiful Twin Falls Fairfield Inn).

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