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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Winter Big Sur Diving

We had a crazy good winter diving season, which included 4 tech trips to Big Sur, of which 3 were back to back weekends.  It was really unusual, and because we made it down there so many times in such a short period, we were more willing to take a chance on something new.  On one trip (to Sur 20), Rob and Kevin did a short second dive to check out a mark that Rob found on the bathymetry.  They found a site that was actually worth diving, so the following weekend, we went back.  The structure there had really interesting formations that caused us to name the site Funnel Cakes.

Anyhoo, since I also got new video lights relatively recently, I was actually shooting video on all four dives, and I put together not one, but two videos from these dives -- at Sur 19, Sur 20, Funnel Cakes, and Sur 19 again.

In addition to making it down to Big Sur a lot this winter, it was also a great winter in the sense that we only cancelled one boat due to weather, and I think I did not dive in the bay at all!

At the time of the dive at Funnel Cakes, the formations seemed really unusual to me; it was like nothing that I'd seen underwater before.  But then a week or so later, Rob and I were heading down to Garrapata State Park for. a hike, which we do *all the time* when I noticed that these kinds of formations appear all along the coast down there, and all along the side of highway 1 as you are approaching that area.  So okay, maybe not that unusual :)

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