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Friday, October 30, 2009

Bonaire 2009

We were in Bonaire for a little over a week at the beginning of November, followed by a day and a half in Curacao. We stayed at Den Laman in Bonaire (which is where we stayed last time), and the Hilton in Curacao. The stop in Curacao was mostly dictated by flight schedules, but we figured if we were going to have to spend a night there, we might as well make it two nights and check out Curacao. In Bonaire, we dove with Benji from Caribbean Gas Training (which is unfortunately no longer in business). Picking the pictures to include in the report was, of course, painful. Be sure to check out all of the pictures in the BAUE gallery that Rob created!

Since American canceled their flights to Bonaire, we flew to Curacao and then took a regional flight to Bonaire. This sounds complicated but in reality, it was way more convenient than the all-AA itinerary we took last time, which involved spending basically all day on an 8 hour or so layover in San Juan. We even managed to get all 140 pounds of our checked luggage on the DAE flight for free. When we got to Bonaire, it was too late to get our car (this was expected), so we took a cab to Den Laman. On the way there, we noticed that there was a lot of new development since our last trip, including a new rotary!

Here are the reports, day by day:
Bari Reef and Alice in Wonderland
Hilma Hooker, Salt Pier, Bari Reef
Red Slave and Flamingo Peeping
Lac Bay, Taylor Made, Bari Reef
The Invisibles and Bari Reef
The Mairi Bhan/Windjammer
La Dania's Leap

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