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Friday, September 17, 2010

Mexico 2010

I strong-armed Rob into a trip to Mexico for my birthday, and Kevin, Don, and Elissa joined us. After the hellish heat in Florida, we were hopeful that it would be a tiny bit better in Mexico, and it definitely was. It was actually pretty tolerable overall, with periodic rain to keep things cool. And the swimming pool in the backyard (of the totally sweet house that we rented) didn't hurt. We were there for 8 days of diving, with Don and Elissa arriving one day later and leaving one day earlier. Elissa was in class for 4 days of the trip (lame, right?) in case you miss her from the pictures and video.

Rob took all of the underwater pics in these posts. I brought along the HeroHD video camera, which Rob just got as a backup camera for class. He got it with some sort of after-market housing that makes it suck less underwater. I had never used it before the trip, but Rob mounted it on a spare goodman handle, so it was quite convenient to use (and fits in my pocket when not in use). It was fun, but alas, only good for basin and topside video. But a good substitute on the blog for the days when Rob didn't bring his camera :)

Here are the day-by-day reports:
Taj Mahal
Gran Cenote
Del Mar
White River

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