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Saturday, September 25, 2010


We swung by ZG to settle our tabs (which was pleasantly small), and then headed to Nohoch, which is near White River but only 10 minutes into the jungle. It was raining off and on and very overcast. But while we got geared up, it was at most sprinkling -- it was actually really comfortable. Nohoch has great facilities (including my favorite, flush toilets), so while it is a bit of a walk to get tanks to the water, it is all on a nice gravel path then down a nice set of wooden stairs with a hand rope. There was a snorkel tour there when we got in. Their guide told them how "lucky" they were to get to see real live cave divers there that day -- sorry guys, no autographs.

For our first dive, we went up the mainline. I realized right after the car was closed and locked that my beanie was still in the car. So I went without it. I quickly realized how annoying it is to dive doubles without any hair covering... my hair kept getting tangled on my isolator and then when I tried to move my head it would pull on it, until I reached back and untangled it. Needless to say, it was a bad hair dive. The cave was very decorated and very white. And very shallow, so we ended up calling it on time (at 45 minutes). But we were ambling very slowly, and Rob was taking pictures, so it was only about 20 minutes out. Don had told us that we would probably recognize some formations that everyone takes pictures of, and he was right. We ascended way back in the cave, which was slightly creepy. After some chit-chatting (and a shared goo I think), I reappropriated Rob's hood since I was quite chilly.

We headed back up the Charlie Parker line. This line is smaller (but not small) tunnel with skinny stalagtites all over the ceiling. But there aren't a lot of big decorations. We came to a T and turned left (around 20 minutes). This line is super shallow -- I think I averaged about 13 feet. I eventually turned the dive because my foot was sore (I need to get looser spring straps before we go back). If I waited to turn on gas, I think we'd still be in the cave :) When we got out, it was so cool out that we punted our planned swim after the dive and packed up and left -- it was a good choice, since it started pouring raining about a minute after we started driving. We headed to Tulum for lunch at La Nave, a little shopping and gelato, of course.

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