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Friday, September 19, 2014

Birthday Weekend Kick-off on the Rubber Ducky

I took Friday off so we could spend a long weekend in Monterey for my birthday.  Our Friday dive plans fell through, though luckily it was far enough in advance that I could still convince Jim to go whale watching in the RIB on Friday instead.  Kevin ended up joining us, so it was the four of us.  The whale watching wasn't really that great, we saw a few small groups and singleton whales, but none were both super close and super playful.  We covered a lot of ground in our attempts to find something photo worthy, first working our way north from Monterey and then eventually heading back south to Carmel.  We got down by Lobos, and considered a run to Yankee Point, but decided not to bother since there was no indication that it would have whales either.  Also, while it started out very sunny and nice out, it got foggy and cold a little after noon.

We did encounter a huge school of dolphins in Carmel, which was fun.  They were zipping around and riding our wake for quite a while.  Eventually we headed back to the dock and went to lunch (at the Googie Diner).  We headed out briefly, but it was pretty clear that we weren't going to see much, due to the fog coming into the bay, so we called it a day instead of continuing out.  Not the best whale action ever, but it still beats going to work :P

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