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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Yucky Day at Point Lobos

After an awesome day out at Big Sur, we had to follow it up with a crappy day of diving at Point Lobos.  This dive doesn't really deserve a lot of flowery prose, so I will save it for one that does.  We went out to Beto's Reef, and the viz was terrible.  The viz was so terrible that I basically got lost on the way there.  We ended up at a structure which Rob thought was the 1st Sister, but I really didn't.  Eventually we bailed to the east along a depth contour, which did get us to Beto's.  But it was very green and murky.  Rob had wanted to play around with video on his camera, but there were some problems with that, so it wasn't really a very fruitful dive overall.  Can't win them all.

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