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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Grand Unveiling...

... of Oreo's head. After about 2 weeks in a lampshade, Oreo has finally completely recovered from her eye problems (she had an infection and ulcer in one eye, then an infection in the other). I think she was very pleased to get out of that thing -- she can rub her head on stuff, and she can fit under the bed again (one of her favorite hiding places). She had a nice long grooming session after we took it off, and her fur looks so pretty now. Pepper was grooming her enough to keep her from smelling, but now her fur is back to being snow-white and lustrous.

Here's a picture of her in the lampshade. Doesn't she look sad?

While we're on the topic of cats, I saw the cutest video on YouTube ever this week... Kitty Said What? What would we do without the internet?

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