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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ode to Opey

Don and Elissa recently accused me of having a favorite cat, since most of the cat stories they hear are about Pepper. It's not that she's my favorite, but she is more wily, so there are more stories to tell about the naughty things that she does. I told them that Oreo, on the other hand, is a very reliable kitty -- for instance, she jumps onto my chest every morning around the same time and insists that I pet her. She has the softest fur and an ample, cuddly tummy, so this is quite a treat for me (even though Rob says Oreo is only in it for herself). So since it has been a while since I've posted about the cats, and since Oreo is apparently under-represented, I thought I'd dedicate a post to Oreo. She also goes by Opey, which came from a sequence of cute pet-name-transformations (because transformations aren't just for query optimization :P).

Oreo has an eye infection right now (which she caught from her dirty sister, who caught it from one of her dirty cousins in Santa Barbara), so hopefully a feature on CWK will cheer her up. Let's see, what's new in Oreo's life? She recently conquered the final frontier of the house -- the living room windows. There are triangular windows running along the top of the wall, under the the peak of the roof. There is a tiny ledge at the top of the wall, where it meets the window. Oreo managed to hop up there and walk along the ledge. Pepper has done this a couple times before, but we've never seen Oreo up there. It was pretty cute, she wasn't sure if it was wide enough for her to turn around on, so she would walk to one end and then shimmy backwards to get back to the other end. Eventually, she got up the nerve to turn around, and after a moment where it looked like she would lose her balance and fall, she managed to do it. She did seem a little confused about how to get down. She was pacing back and forth, looking for something she could hop down to. Eventually she decided the fish tank was the best choice and we heard a crash and a thud, and she was down. The fish tank survived the encounter.

Oreo is a water lover. I actually didn't know that cats are known to hate water before we got the cats. So based on Pepper and Oreo, I figured it just depends on the cat. But I later came to learn that cats are "supposed to" hate water. If you believe what they say on Wikipedia (which I strongly discourage :P), cow cats are known for their love of water. She likes to drink water from the faucet, and used to hop up onto the vanity when we came home, and whine for us to turn the water on, so she can drink it. I finally put an end to that (mostly) by getting her a water fountain for Christmas. She seems to really like that. She still occasionally whines for the faucet, and I still sometimes find her curled up in the sink. It's really quite adorable, because she basically fills up the sink -- it is the perfect size for her.

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Don said...

Oreo is so cute! I'm sure she appreciates the feature article.