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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quicky Skills Dive

For some reason on Friday, I became overcome with this feeling that I had forgotten everything I had ever learned to do underwater. So I suggested we go out and do some drills, some of which I haven't done with Tech 1 :) For instance, I was convinced that there was no way I could do a midwater valve drill anymore. And that might come in handy for Tech 2 (which is thankfully many months away). We got a nice late start to the day, and scootered out to 70 feet, put up a bag, clipped off our scooters, and went up to 20 feet for some drills. That went surprisingly well! Then we headed into the worm patch (terrible viz) for some bottle rotations. That too went better than last time. Based on our good performance there, we then went up to 10 feet and worked on those some more. The viz was actually really great in the top layer, but total crap below that. It did open up a bit around 50 feet, but still never as good as that top layer. The one notable sea life encounter was at 10 feet over the worm patch. The blue rockfish seemed to be attracted to Rob's bottles. As he brought the bottle forward, it seemed as if they were going to stampede it. I guess they like shiny toys. Very cat-like.

After one 90 minute dive, I was very cold. It was really cold on the surface too, making it hard to warm up. Since we had accomplished everything I wanted during the first dive, I passed on a second dive, and instead headed to the Chowder House for some chowder and Arnold Palmers.

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