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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sea Kittens: A Moral Dilemma

A friend recently pointed me to what I would have to call the cutest web site I've seen in months (at least). It's the Sea Kitten website, brought to you by PETA. I wouldn't say I am a great supporter of PETA, so I felt a bit of a dilemma about posting about it on my blog, and giving them press. But hey, they came up with a super cute campaign, about saving marine life, so what the heck. The premise of the site is basically that if fish were cute and cuddly, people wouldn't want to poke them with hooks and eat them. The site includes tons of cute sea kitten images, and even some pretty funny sea kitten stories. Check out the last page of the third story. There is also plenty of propaganda about how anyone who has ever fished (raises hand) or eaten fish (raises other hand) is evil. But best of all, you can make your own sea kitten using their snazzy flash editor with all sorts of sea kitty accessories! So of course I had to make a Sea Pepper and a Sea Oreo. Sea Pepper sports the punk rock jacket, and is entangled in a ball of string. Sea Oreo sports the pink princess dress and a tiara, and poses next to her favorite play item -- a bowl of water. There's also a merchandise section with the cutest canvas tote ever (I will not buy a PETA tote, I will not buy a PETA tote).

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