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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scootering to Twin Peaks

A short post just to track the fact that we did this dive. For our last dive before heading to Florida for T2, we decided to just do a nice fun dive. We scootered out to Twin Peaks, which I hadn't done in a while (even though for a while that was like the default dive!). Rob was shooting macro, since we were all in the mood for a little slug peeping. I was hoping to find some more Okenias, even though it had been about a month since I'd heard a report of a siting. But one can hope. We got out to a spot on the Road in about 130', where we stopped to look around. I was scouring the reef looking for the Okenias, and was kind of disappointed not to see any. Just when I had more or less given up, I found one and then Kevin found another one right next to it. Those would be the only two that we found. Other than that we saw mostly the usual suspects. The one other sort of exciting find was a Doriopsilla spaldingi.

The pictures from the dive are here.

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